GOLD: Schedule

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This 10-week programme will include a summer school and three workshops.  In-between, an active training programme will be run. We plan to host around 40 people for the whole programme, plus around 30 scientists during the workshops. Whether you are a PhD, a postdoc, a senior scientist and wish to attend, please apply


Besides the special events below, a list of planned activities can be found here, taking place for the whole 10 weeks, and will be updated closer to the start of the programme.

April 1-3

Opening Talk: Overview

Preparatory days: getting ready for the school (software installation, basics)

April 4-10

School: ADAX (10th edition of the Astronomical Data Analysis summer school)

School organizers: Samuel Farrens, Joana Frontera-Pons

April 20-24

Workshop 1: Lensing (methodologies in Lensing)

Event Organizers: Sandrine Codis, Martin Kilbinger, Jean-Luc Starck

May 11-15

Workshop 2: Galaxy Clustering (methodologies in clustering)

Event Organizers: Santiago Casas, Dida Markovic, Alkistis Pourtsidou

May 25-29

Workshop 3: Theory and Interpretation of the data

Event Organizers: Martin Kunz, Valeria Pettorino, Filippo Vernizzi

Closing talk by Jason Rhodes (date tbc) on future missions and prospects.

June 5

End of the GOLD programme.