Astroparticles Slides

Monday 14th:

Jean-Pierre Luminet: Derniere nouvelles des trous noirs

Yashar Akrami, Santiago Casas and Valeria Pettorono: What will future large scale surveys will tell us about dark energy?


Tuesday 15th:

Michelangelo Mangano: Physics at the LHC and beyond, the legacy and the future

Patrick Valageas : Lambda


Wednesday 16th:

Baojiu Li : Galaxy formation in modified gravity

Santiago Casas : Extracting Dark Energy from Non-linear Observables

Alessandra Silvestri : what can cosmology tell us about gravity

Pierre Vanhove :   Gravity Effective field theories and Post-Minkowskian contributions

Luigi Pilo : Dynamics of self-gravitating media and dark energy

Jose Cembranos : Non-comoving dark sectors

Jose Beltran Jimenez : Inequivalent realisations of the cosmological principle

Sylvain Fichet : Quantum chameleons

Alexander Ganz: Stability properties of mimetic gravity


Thursday 17th:

Jose Cembranos and Jose beltran Jimenes: The perils of Affinesia


Friday 18th:

Tony Padilla: Self Tuning


Monday 21st

Harry Desmond : Astrophysical tests of gravity

Pierre Vanhove : L'attraction de la gravitation


Tuesday 22nd

Clare Burrage & Anne Davis : Laboratory Tests of Dark Energy

Luca Lombriser : Discussion of the Ho tension

Sabino Matarrese : Theoretical Cosmology: an overview and some ideas for the future


Wednesday 23rd

Kazuya Koyama : N-body simulations and machine learning

Scott Melville and Leong Khim Wong : Testing gravity with binary systems


Thursday 24th

Leong Khim Wong : A fifth force on Kerr black holes

Anne Davis : Laboratory Tests of Modified Gravity

Carsten van de Bruck : Dark Energy, the Swampland & the Equivalence Principle

Kazuya Koyama : Perturbation theory for BAO reconstructed field

Scott Melville : Two Body Effects In Disformal Scalar-Tensor Theories

Clare Burrage : Testing dark energy models with atom interferometry

Martin Pernot-Borràs : Testing screening mechanisms with MICROSCOPE

Harry Desmond : Fifth Force Searches in Galaxies


Friday 25th

Ignacy Sawicki : Technically speaking it's a wrap


Monday 28th

Tony Gherghetta : Supersymmetry Discussion

Carlos Muñoz : Discussion Session on SUSY and DM


Wednesday 30th

Oleg Lebedev : Real scalar dark matter

Giorgio Arcadi : Dark Matter Through the Higgs Portal(s)

Hyun Min Lee : Inflaton and dark matter integrated

Daniel Lopez : Multicomponent dark matter in R-parity breaking supersymmetry

Kunio Kaneta : Gravitino dark matter in high scale

Keith Dienes : Deciphering the Archaeological Record: Cosmological Imprints of Non-Minimal Dark Sectors 

Brooks Thomas : Enlarging the Space of Viable Inflation Models: A Slingshot Mechanism

Antonio Masiero : Muon anomalous magnetic moment and DM

Aghileh Ebrahimi : Are dynamical dark energy models distinguishable in the light of data ?

Michel Tytgat : On FIMP

Genevieve Bélanger : Dark matter freeze-in with a light mediator

Laura Covi : Asymmetric Dark Matter


Monday 4th

Marcos Garcia : Inflation and dark matter


Wednesday 6th

Soo-Min Choi : A New Model for Vector SIMP Dark Matter

Lucien Heurtier : The Inflaton Portal to a Highly decoupled EeV Dark-Matter

Malcolm Fairbairn : The Atmosphere as a Beam Dump

Patrick Valageas : Fate of scalar dark matter solitons around supermassive galactic black holes

Avik Banerjee : Dark matter seeping through dynamic gauge kinetic mixing